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Questions and Answers

Q: How long does it take the client/applicant to get an approval?
A: Once all the information required from an applicant is provided, it takes ten working days to initiate the assessment visit. Approval and implementation of assistance is on a first-come, first-serve basis and requires service committee approval.

Q: How is the client-Tatweer cost share determined?
A: Client cost share is based on the client’s ability to pay. Larger companies are expected to contribute more towards a given service than smaller companies, and the percentage of Tatweer’s cost sharing diminishes as additional services are offered to the client.

Q: What is required of the SME client?
A: An SME client who has been approved for a service must demonstrate a high level of cooperation and commitment. It must willingly provide information and data requested by Tatweer to gauge impact and success of the service and the program.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of services a client can receive?
A: The general rule is that the initial assessment will determine what is needed to affect change within an organization. An agreement is then signed between Tatweer and the client whereby a set of services is agreed upon. Once the first service is completed, consecutive services may follow if the previous one achieved the desired impact.


Q: Does Tatweer project follow up on the implementation of services?
A: A Tatweer Project Manager (PM) is assigned to each client from the assessment stage until the successful completion of all services. The PM is also directly involved with the service provider to ensure proper implementation.

Q: On what basis are service providers selected?
A: All services procured by Tatweer follow USAID and Tatweer-mandated procurement procedures, based on the principle of equal opportunity, which requires a detailed scope of work to be submitted to the service provider. Tatweer issues a “Request for Proposal” to three or more service providers based on a computerized system of selection. Final selection of the service provider, by a committee, is based on technical qualifications and value offered.

Q: What does Tatweer's project require from the service provider?
A: Service providers applying to Tatweer should:

  • be a registered entity

  • provide a client reference list

  • demonstrate professional capacity in area of specialization

  • freelancers should submit references and CV

*Applications can be found and submitted online at www.tatweer.org.jo

Q: How are service providers paid in cost-sharing situations?
A: Tatweer project contracts the service provider. The client pays its share to Tatweer upon signing the Service Agreement. Tatweer pays the full amount directly to the service provider upon submission of original and stamped documentation verifying satisfactory completion of the service.

Q: Who has access to client information, and will it remain confidential?
A: Tatweer project guarantees applicants in writing that all information provided is for assessment purposes only. Information received is proprietary to Tatweer project and no other persons outside the organization have access to it, including service providers. Furthermore, all Tatweer employees are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and a Conflict of Interest Agreement. The breach of either is grounds for dismissal.

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